Beyonce jay z horoscope compatibility

What is jay z zodiac sign. Beyonce & Jay Z's Zodiac Compatibility 12222-04-28

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Everything with them parallels. Her Psyche is Capricorn Deja Vu On the Draconic. She is a Blue Night Most importantly, I discovered that these two were being setup to have a soul merge. You can see this from Jayz progressions into Aaliyahs Capricorn placements. WOW I had to share this becuz there is no doubt in my mind that these were about to be madly in love.

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Sep 12, 2. He dated others before Beyonce too. The point of this? Sep 12, 3. Sep 12, 4. Sep 12, 5. Sep 12, 6.

Why These 10 Celeb Couples Are Perfectly Matched, According to Their Astrology

Sep 12, 7. Before Aaliyah passed she was engaged to Damon Dash. Sep 12, 8. A Scorpio Moon gives Beyonce a depth that other uber-polished pop stars in today's mainstream don't have. It hints at an inner self that has psychic powers and smoldering sexuality that is kept private, but channeled into the work. Her Scorpio Moon adds to her incredible sense of focus, and being about to transmute emotional energies through her healing Virgo Sun.

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This Moon often experiences the dark side of love through control, obsessions and power struggles. The alignment of so many planets in this cardinal air sign graces her with Libran qualities in abundance. Clear-thinking, elegance and style and the ability to mirror back to people an image of the feminine ideal. With Saturn's steady hand in harmony, her Libra planets have an amplified force, which lends her discipline and focus.

Beyonce has Pluto aligned with Venus in Libra , as well, which causes her to have impact on the culture at large. She's made it clear that she thrives best in a women-only environment, which is reminiscent of the Virgin-Priestess temples of Ancient Greece. The original meaning of virgin was a woman unto herself, that belongs to no man.

Here's a mobile touring temple broadcasting natural sexiness and feminine power to the masses. She's bringing balance by showing that women can lift eachother up, instead of falling into the trap of competition and envy. Beyonce has Mars in Leo, an ideal position for a performer, since they come alive in the spotlight. Her Pluto squares Mars, which is a tension that keeps her from ever straying too far from her focused mission.

If she ever throws a diva tantrum, she's likely smacked down in a hurry -- mostly by her own sense of etiquette. This Mars aspect makes it hard for her to take short cuts, or rest on her laurels, but with her drive that doesn't seem likely. Blige to Missy Elliot, and even gave Mariah Carey a career boost. His Sagittarius Sun inspires her Mars in Leo to let expressive spontaneity be her guide.

Her Virgo Sun and Scorpio Moon are in harmony with a sextile, and both cause her to be focused on the daily tasks at hand.