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12222 Horoscope - By Pt. Onkar Nath

Every planet was in a sign when you were born, and in one of 12 houses, all with 3 or 4 meanings. No, don't worry. I don't look at zodiac signs as being good or bad, or any other factors in astrology. They are normally positive or negative, but you always have free will, and there are aspects in everyone's chart to help them through difficult times. You are stubborn and opinionated with three placements in Aquarius. But also very intelligent, so you research topics and know what you are talking about. The Sun means you are a nonconformist who has to do things your own way, and there is nothing wrong with that.

It makes you interesting. The Moon in Aquarius means you can act detached from others at times, but again, you probably do care about people quite a bit. You don't always show it or tell them. They won't know unless you do, so work on communicating your feelings. Your emotions change often, and that can seem confusing to you and others, but again, it's nothing you can't straighten out. Mercury rules the way you think.

Aquarius Horoscope 12222

You are interested in so many things, and your mind is always going, I bet you can't turn it off to sleep. But it's highly intelligent, and you understand complicated subjects that baffle other people. It's great for communication in any form if you are in a tech field or are a writer. You are slow to change your opinions, and will be accused of being stubborn, but I don't know the other planet placements.

I think you would be attracted to someone with many fire signs in their chart. It's hard to express why it works, it just does. Aquarius has big revelations and changes, and Cancer changes every 2 or so days when the Moon does. I hope that helps; it's not bad, don't worry. What kind of person am, I and with what kind of person am I most compatible with? Leo and Aquarius are opposites.

The Leo Sun makes you the boss who wants attention, but also very generous and kind. You like to be in charge. Leos are fun and outgoing.

They are fond of nice clothes and want the best in life. You are romantic and like children. Aquarius Moon rules your emotions.

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Take care of your health. As described earlier, even in the matters of relationship, these individuals appear to be isolated and don't express their emotions openly to the peril of their partner. Also, try to spend more time with the spouse and assure her or him your unconditional support and love always. Aquarius-born individuals are intense and intuitive people who are born intellectuals. Order Now. You need to plan your activities well ahead to handle these challenges. Everything about you is eccentric, especially your dressing sense.

This is a bit harder. Aquarians crave freedom and don't particularly want to be tied to a conventional relationship. So this can confuse you when you are in one. You have a rebellious streak and like to be different. That's not a bad thing in itself, but can be hard when in love. This isn't a lot of info, so maybe there are mitigating factors like planets in other signs and that make good aspects to each other. But don't worry about one opposition, we all have them.

Your Capricorn Sun means you are ambitious and want to be noticed and make a name for yourself. You plan for the future, and have leadership ability. You are serious and reliable, but do have a dry sense of humor. Capricorns are emotional, but don't show it in public, but you do have strong feelings. The Aquarius Moon makes you a bit of a nonconformist, and I like this because the Scorpio gets sensible again.

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You have strong views on most things. Emotionally you are confusing to be with, as one day you seem to care a lot, and others you can be very detached. You need space in a relationship, but that can work with the right person. Scorpio rising makes you seem reserved, I have it too, and people tell me I sometimes seem like I don't want to be bothered.

But Scorpios take time to get to know others, and do sort of decide if they really want certain people in their lives. Your serious demeanor can be intimidating to others. But you are a loyal friend and get very involved in issues you really care about. You are good at reading people. I think you mean your Venus is in Scorpio?

Aquarius October 2019 Monthly Horoscope Prediction - Aquarius Moon Sign Predictions

That's a passionate Venus, but can sometimes run hot or cold, especially with the Aquarius Moon. It's normally a passionate Venus. It can be described as jealous or possessive, but I believe the Aquarius moon works well in this case, and you are not as detached as a usual Aquarius moon person, although you still want some space. If somebody doesn't interest you a lot, you probably won't just date for a little while; I think you would figure the person out fast, and be all in or all out.

The Aquarius Moon rules your emotions, so they can be somewhat erratic. It's hard for a person to know where they stand with you.

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You like freedom and unconventional romantic arrangements. The Cancer Ascendant is how others see you. Cancers are kind and fun, nurturing and get bored easily. Actually they change often too, as the Moon rules Cancer and it goes through each of the 12 zodiac signs every month. As couples, Cancers and Aquarius people are commonly found couples. So you should be OK, you need someone who can cope with a person who changes often. Both of these placements change, Aquarius in big and sudden ways, and Cancer, in small and almost predictable ways. Just find a person who gets bored easily, you're like a new person every few days!

Yes, I can! Having a Cancer Sun and Capricorn Rising means you are a sort of conservative, family oriented person, with a nonconformist steak coming from that Aquarius Moon. Cancer Sun people are kind and gentle, yet have a way of sneaking into the public eye and getting attention.

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Read inside what Aquarius moon sign Horoscope means? Get detailed information about Aquarius Moon Sign strengths & weaknesses, Characteristics and. Aquarius Horoscope prediction based your moon sign. Aquarius Horoscope and Astrology forecast covers about your Aquarius Career, Love.

It's a leadership sign, like Capricorn, so you are good at managing situations and people. You are reliable and a loyal friend. I bet you have friends from elementary school. You are sentimental and romantic. But if you pay attention to the Moon signs Llewellyn has a good Moon sign book and calendar , you can learn what days are best for which activities.

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I have a Cancer Sun too, and as a beginner astrology student, learned a lot about my moods and self that way. You are charming and want to marry and have a family someday, though you will have a career or an important hobby which makes money. You seem reserved, and a little like you don't want to be bothered at first. Capricorn rules time, and you do decide if people are worth your time. Not in a cold way, but you can put on the chill if you really want to!

Capricorns love family and friends as much as Cancers, but don't wear it on their sleeves. This is another ambitious sign, so you are an achiever and won't fall in love with any starving artist anytime soon. You work hard, and others depend on your sensible advice. You are sensual, but don't broadcast it, only those with excellent taste see that! The Aquarius Moon is how your show your feelings and express yourself, and is the twist in this trinity.

You may fall in love quickly or make fast decisions which surprise others. You like to get your own way. You have a stubborn streak, but I like this about you, it livens up your personality. You often surprise those around you by being more fun than they expected! These are all "fixed" signs, so you are very stubborn or persistent. Scorpio Sun people are interesting and like to get all the information on things.

Aquarius Horoscope 12222 For Financial Life

They can read everyone really well and have great intuition. You are strong willed and can be very gentle with people in need. Aquarius Moon rules your emotions, which are difficult to change. You may love someone but then want distance from that person, confusing and hurting them.